When is the best time to train

The right time for physical activity allows you to achieve the maximum possible results. If this is unsuitable, the effectiveness of training either decreases sharply or turns out to be almost zero. To determine the best time to go to the gym or run, you need to focus on the goal-losing weight, gaining weight. You should exercise during those hours that help to keep the body in good shape, burn fat or, conversely, gain muscle mass

Training for those who like to get up early in the morning :

person who wakes up early in the morning and feels cheerful, energetic, full of strength, morning training is most suitable. Of course, such classes have their own peculiarities. In the morning, the body temperature is reduced. This means that the joints with ligaments are not quite elastic, so active exercises do not bring much effect and are not recommended for performance. Gymnastics with yoga is the best choice for early training. They do not require the expenditure of a large amount of energy and allow you to feel in good shape all day.

Fat burning — from seven to nine in the morning

These two hours are best suited for performing cardio and burning fat. Cortisol from 7 to 9 am is quite high, and glycogen= is quite low, so during training, energy is taken from the fat layer. Morning workouts are best done within forty minutes. The intensity should be average. A person who has no problems with the heart or blood pressure can study twice as much time, but at a more accelerated pace. You should focus on your own well-being, since not all people can engage in any activity in the morning.

Aerobic exercises-from 15.00 to 16.00

During this hour period, the body temperature rises and reaches its peak around 17.30. This period is best suited for aerobics, dancing, jogging, fitness, cycling. Such activity has a good effect not only on fat burning, but also strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems well.

Strength and high-intensity training — from 17.00 to 18.00

From five to six in the evening, it is best to engage with weights. This time is ideal for visiting the gym, as well as high-intensity and interval training. Such classes require maximum endurance, namely in the evening both the body temperature and the testosterone level rise higher. A person feels a surge of strength and this has a positive effect on training.

What are the best workouts to do after 19.00?

After seven in the evening, the body temperature begins to decrease again. To get the maximum benefit from classes, it is best to devote this time to bodyflex, stretching, tai chi, yoga. These types of physical activity have a calming and healing effect, help strengthen deep muscles, develop flexibility and endurance, help to form a beautiful and correct posture, have a beneficial effect on the psyche.


The choice of time for training depends on many factors. The first thing that needs to be taken into account for a person who has decided to start going to the gym, lose weight or, conversely, gain muscle mass, is his body type. In most cases, it determines the purpose of classes. The results that a person wants to achieve also affect when it is better to study. To lose weight, it is best to train in the morning. The evening is more suitable for gaining muscle mass. However, if you have not previously engaged in sports, it is better to visit a doctor first, which will allow you to accurately determine the absence of contraindications to certain types of physical activity.

When is the best time to train

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