Lymphatic drainage as an important part of training

Lymphatic drainage massage is a “general cleaning” and detox for the body. Together with the lymph, harmful substances, excess water, and decay products are removed from our body. A sedentary lifestyle interferes with the movement of lymph due to compression of blood vessels. The intercellular space is filled with toxins, a feeling of fatigue appears, the protective functions of the body are weakened, the metabolism is disturbed. A course of lymphatic drainage massage restores tone, energy, strengthens the immune system, helps to become slimmer.

What is lymph and why it is important?

Lymph is a transparent yellowish liquid, a kind of connective tissue of the body. It flows through the lymphatic system from the bottom up, from the tips of the fingers and toes to the thoracic lymphatic duct. The lymph returns proteins, water, salts, toxins and metabolites from the tissues to the blood for excretion. The lymphatic fluid is involved in the formation of immunity, protection from microbes and viruses, recovery after intoxication. Also, lymph is released on fresh wounds and abrasions. The lymphocytes contained in it protect the damaged area from infections. Lymphatic drainage massage accelerates the movement of lymph through the body. The liquid begins to circulate faster, removing the processed products from the intercellular space.

Why a gym and lymphatic drainage should complement each other

In order for the body to develop and change for the better, it is necessary not only to provide it with loads and alternate training with rest and relaxation, but also to stimulate the metabolism. And also to ensure the removal of harmful substances.

Lymphatic drainage:

  • This makes the metabolic processes more intense – what you need after you leave the gym.
  • Helps to relieve swelling.
  • It complements the classic massage of the back, arms and legs, abdomen and shoulders.
  • This helps to “cope” with excess adipose tissue.
  • It serves as an addition to the cellulite control program.
  • Makes the skin smooth.
  • Increases immunity.

Thus, lymphatic drainage becomes part of the program for improving health, weight loss and rejuvenation.

Its effectiveness is all the more surprising because lymphatic drainage is performed manually. The fingers and hands of a specialist find the necessary areas and points on the body, massage them, make the lymph move faster.

How to understand that your lymphatic system is not working very well?

If there is a violation in the work of the lymphatic system, then edema is formed first of all. But such edema should be distinguished from the stagnation of fluid in the body, which happens from time to time in any person. Did you eat a lot of salty food at night or went to an alcoholic party? Is the weather hot outside or have you been on the road for a long time? Then edema is a normal reaction of the body. If this is repeated regularly, and the fluid lingers in the body for a long time, then it’s time to sound the alarm – the lymph can not cope with its work.

Most often, with stagnation of lymph, there is swelling on the extremities. Moreover, only one arm or leg can swell. This indicates a unilateral accumulation of lymph. In addition, the face, chest, abdomen and, most dangerously, internal organs may swell.

By the way “ ” the “orange peel” on your thighs is not only ugly, but also shows that the fluid in the body stagnates, which means that the lymphatic system is working poorly. Cellulite is a swollen and overgrown connective tissue.

Right now, press your finger on the swollen area. If even after a light press, a dent remains on the skin, which is slowly leveled, then it’s time to urgently take care of your health. Start with the normalization of the drinking regime and lymphatic drainage.


What is the benefit of performing a lymphatic drainage massage for you?

Nowadays, many people lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat poorly and sleep little. All this leads to disruption of the lymphatic system.

It is the lymphatic drainage massage of the body that helps to remove toxic substances, toxins and other waste products from the body.

Massage also activates metabolic processes, normalizes lymph circulation, slows down the aging process and strengthens the immune system. The skin becomes elastic, soft and smooth.

To achieve the best effect, supplement the massage with gymnastics and outdoor walks. It also helps to disperse the lymph, and you will start to feel much better.

Lymphatic drainage massage after physical training

If you are engaged in sports, then a lymphatic drainage massage will enhance the result. You will become more resilient, while there will be no severe pain after sports, since lactic acid will not linger in the muscles. The procedure will allow you to relieve tension, speed up metabolic processes and remove all slags. In addition, lymphatic drainage will allow you to prepare your body for the next training sessions.

Almost all athletes, and even beginners, have clamps in their muscles. You may feel tension in your lower back, shoulders, shoulder blades and neck. Massage saves you from all this. Pay special attention to the areas that hurt. This means that there is a large stagnation of the liquid, which must be eliminated.

Lymphatic drainage even affects the psychological state. This unloads the nervous system, relaxes and allows you to relax. It turns out a double relaxation-sports and massage. And you can do all this yourself, without outside help.


Lymphatic drainage as an important part of training

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