Do I need a diet?

We often do not want to remember that many ways to say goodbye to excess weight only due to food restrictions negatively affect the state of the body. Some of them, along with extra pounds, take away the lion’s share of health, others spoil the condition of the skin and hair. In the pursuit of beauty, no one wants to think about what a diet actually brings-benefits or harm to the body and how dangerous it is. But the stricter the prohibitions, the worse it is for many authorities. Let’s get this straight.

The benefits and harms of diets

Each of us has at least once thought about going on a diet to reduce the belly or adjust the figure. All diets are based on limiting one food while increasing the consumption of others: vegetables, fruits. A diet can reduce the size of your waist, but not everyone is able to tolerate such changes.

Harm of diets

Quite often a person goes on a diet because of excess weight. We limit ourselves in food, not fully understanding the reasons for satiety. And therefore, an incorrectly chosen diet can lead to an exacerbation of existing diseases. They manifest themselves during this period due to a lack of necessary substances

  • The products that are the main ones in the daily diet of a person provide the body with the necessary elements that maintain a normal state. Each product contains its own specific vitamins and substances that form the basis for the work of all body systems. If a person adheres to a diet, limiting himself in the consumption of certain products, then the risk of exhaustion of his strength increases. For example, the restriction of dairy products, meat and fish leads to problems of the nervous system.
  • The absence of” healthy fats”, which are contained in olive oil, sunflower oil, trout, sardine, herring, can lead to a violation of metabolic processes, memory and emotional state can be disturbed. This is a source of depression, deterioration of well-being, physical condition, which can manifest itself during the first week of the diet.
  • One more negative side of many diets is the use of certain foods in a set amount, which can neither be reduced nor increased. In such a situation, it is difficult for those who have allergies. In addition, with prolonged consumption of one product, an allergy may develop. A weak-willed diet can lead to excessive overeating.
  • Before you go on a diet, you need to consult a doctor, get examined for the presence of diseases of internal organs, and only a dietitian is able to prescribe a suitable diet for you.

The benefits of diets

  • With a properly selected diet, it will be impossible to underestimate its benefits. First of all, the diet helps not only to lose weight, but also to improve the overall condition of the body. If the use of “fast food” was the main problem of fullness, then the diet also helps to cleanse the body.
  • If you look at the diet from a psychological subtext, that such a diet develops abstinence, will, endurance, perseverance in a person. After all, the diet makes you get rid of many familiar products, and this test allows you to test your willpower.

How to lose weight correctly?

The reason for excess weight is overeating. To lose weight, it is enough to eat less and move more. All successful cases of weight loss are based on this principle. Adequate calorie restriction of the diet is enough to lose weight.  The body does not care where to get energy from-from a hamburger or chicken with buckwheat. At the same time, complex carbohydrates from cereals and high-quality animal proteins give a feeling of satiety for several hours and energy. Here’s the trap: a food rich in fats and carbohydrates “confuses” the brain’s saturation system, forcing you to eat more cakes and ice cream. You can’t ban them, you just need to eat in moderation. Sometimes it’s not the excess weight, but the body image. Many girls of normal physique want to lose weight in order to become extremely thin or “dry up” to a relief and a thin waist, like popular bloggers and models. At the same time, they forget that the unrealistic figure of a media personality is most likely the merit of photoshop, a scalpel in a competent surgeon’s hand or an innate slimness, which is almost impossible to achieve in a healthy way. For fitness models, the body is a source of income, which takes all the resources to maintain.

It is important to remember!

  • Diets will not help you lose weight for a long time
  • Sugar and carbohydrates are not evil, but a useful tool if there is a serious load ahead
  • Severe restrictions lead to eating disorders and, as a result, to an even greater set of fat mass.



Do I need a diet?

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