sport is life!

When is the best time to train

The right time for physical activity allows you to achieve the maximum possible results. If this is unsuitable, the effectiveness of training either decreases sharply or turns out to be almost zero. To determine the best time to go to the gym or run, you need to focus on the goal-losing weight, gaining weight. You […]

Do I need a diet?

We often do not want to remember that many ways to say goodbye to excess weight only due to food restrictions negatively affect the state of the body. Some of them, along with extra pounds, take away the lion’s share of health, others spoil the condition of the skin and hair. In the pursuit of […]

Fitness or wellness physical education

Physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, a toned beautiful body-that’s what makes us confident in the future. Millions of people spend time in gyms, monitor their nutrition and lose weight: fitness for many has not just become a fashionable hobby, but has turned into an urgent need, has allowed them to make their life rich and […]