Fitness or wellness physical education

Physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, a toned beautiful body-that’s what makes us confident in the future. Millions of people spend time in gyms, monitor their nutrition and lose weight: fitness for many has not just become a fashionable hobby, but has turned into an urgent need, has allowed them to make their life rich and energetic.

What is fitness?

So what is this popular phenomenon and what do they do on fitness? This word comes from the English verb to fit – to keep fit, to be healthy. However, to be in good shape all the time, one physical activity is not enough – you need physical exercises, giving up bad habits, proper rest and a healthy diet – this is the basis of the concept.

Fitness is not just physical education or physical activity, it is a whole philosophy of existence that organically combines sports, an active lifestyle, proper nutrition and healthy optimism. This is the fruit of many years of practical developments of specialists, which is embodied in special training programs aimed at strengthening health and spirit. The main task of fitness is not to achieve sports results, but to make a person’s life full, joyful and healthy, to teach him to conquer new horizons.

Fitness is a system!

Fitness is an interdisciplinary thing. Modern fitness is a system that has absorbed all the best and most interesting things from various sports, physical culture, medicine, physiology, dietetics, psychology. Bodybuilding, Pilates, all types of aerobics, stretching, kettlebell lifting, weightlifting, sports games, martial arts, yoga, dance directions, sports medicine, rehabilitation-all this has enriched fitness with methods and forms of training of the body and spirit. Various applied disciplines are very well manifested here: military affairs, professional sports, martial arts, meditation techniques, etc.

So, what is fitness? This is a system assembled from various elements taken from well-known sports. These elements are constantly being studied, sorted, classified and generalized. As a result, very useful and powerful techniques are obtained.

Health-improving physical education

The basis of the process of formation and preservation of human health is a healthy lifestyle, as well as optimal motor activity, which is provided by recreational physical culture classes. The variety of health-improving physical culture allows not only to preserve, but also to restore the health of people who have suffered serious diseases.

Health as the socio-biological basis of the life of a nation is, ultimately, the result of the policy of the state, which creates in its citizens a spiritual need to treat their health as an enduring value and preserve it as a necessary basis for realizing their mission to prolong a healthy race, as a task of energy support for creative work, a guarantee of an ideal gene pool, a basis for the development of creativity and spirituality.

Fitness in English means “to be in shape”. This is not a sport, but an active lifestyle, which implies both physical activity and proper nutrition. This is not our usual physical education – there are no standards in fitness! That is, the coach does not set any result for himself: to do push-ups 10 times or jump a meter in length. The main goal is to maintain and strengthen health. Therefore, you need to get acquainted with fitness from childhood. In addition, classes strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulder joints, arms, lower extremities, including the feet, as well as prevent flat feet and affect the abdominal muscles, which has a positive effect on digestion and intestinal peristalsis. In general, fitness allows the child to develop harmoniously


Fitness or wellness physical education

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